Exciting Kick-Off Dinner/Event Energizes Washington Ethical Society Ready to Burn the Mortgage…Ignite the Future!


For Immediate Release
October 1, 2015

Washington, DC – Over one hundred and seventy members and friends of Washington Ethical Society, a Vibrant Humanistic Congregation of Washington, DC gathered at WES on Saturday to Kick-Off their largest-ever major Capital Stewardship Campaign. The almost seventy-year old Society and congregation has grown dramatically in the past decade, far beyond what their predecessors had anticipated. The Kick-Off Event was held in the Meeting House’s Main Hall.

Perry Saidman, Advanced Chairperson, led the early effort to encourage the committee to visit members and raise such an inspirational amount of pledges.

Tables were decorated and folks ready to serve a wonderful chicken and vegetable dinner. There was a variety of entertainment filled with music and a inspirational and humorous speakers. Hand addressed envelopes with personal invitations were sent to everyone and all who attended were greeted with a warm welcome and a place set just for them.

An extended time of fellowship, an excellent meal, meaningful conversations, heart-felt testimonies, and a compelling challenge to put others first and to be a place of hope and peace all contributed to an inspiring evening.

Following the evening those who attended could be heard saying, “What a great evening! Wonderful food, surroundings, words, music and fellowship!”, “It was so great to be with our WES family tonight and to celebrate all that we have done and aredoing in the life of our congregation”, “We need to get together like this more often”, “it was great to have enough space between tables that allowed us to move freely around the room! The event was a huge success and marks an important event in the life of our congregation”, and “a lovely evening, a nice turnout, and everything first class.”

Following the event, each of the remaining individuals and families within the society will be contacted for a personal visit. WES is hoping as a result of the campaign to be able to increase their missions and outreach, Burn the Mortgage…Ignite the Future so they can be more financially sustainable.

Perry Saidman and the Steering Committee announced in a jovial way with an inspirational amount that had already been pledged. Leadership of WES, representing a little over 16% of the congregation, have already pledged half of the mortgage debt that is presently owed.

Amanda Poppei, Senior Leader on the right with Glendon Smith, Campaign Consultant on the left

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