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Ward, Dreshman & Reinhardt, Inc. specializes in providing full-time, on-site capital campaign consulting for non-profit organizations. Our resident direct approach combines personal attention and a proven method of successful capital campaigning, which has enhanced many of our client’s missions. WD&R strives to maximize your fundraising potential. By partnering with our clients, together we envision possibilities, establish priorities and facilitate your mission.

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How We Work

Historically, our specialty has been and continues to be providing full-time and residential direction to fundraising appeals for non-profit institutions.

We operate on a flat weekly fee basis, agreed upon and confirmed by a contract with each client. In addition, all of our work is based on an "at-will" agreement with all clients. The client is only charged for the time that the Campaign Director is working on-site whether it meets the full term of the contract or not. Operational expenses of the campaign, such as printing, postage, campaign materials, and kick-off celebrations are under the control of the client. An estimate of these expenses will be provided by our firm prior to the beginning of the fundraising campaign. When a Client establishes a schedule and signs a contract with WD&R, our Officers select the best person available from our professional staff to serve as the Campaign Director. Campaign direction is provided only by our professional and permanent staff. Our Directors are members of the firm and are motivated to serve our clients well.Read More

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Development: Back to Basics

An inside look at the complexities of academic Capital Campaigns provided by the expert in full-time, resident-directed school fundraising consulting. Learn why our method of conducting a Capital Campaign will result in both higher contributions and increased school spirit. Learn why most school campaigns are hampered in their ability to raise significant funds and why yours doesn’t have to be. This book provides a roadmap on how to achieve success with a trained consultant at your side. If your school is conducting a Capital Campaign, this is required reading.Click Here to Download

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  • Personal Touch Fuels Success

    The Suit Magazine interviews Jim Klote about Ward, Dreshman & Reinhardt, Inc.

    By Amy Armstrong

    For Jim Klote, fundraising is all about "face time." That reference isn't to Apple's software nor to any smar...

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