A pre-campaign Readiness Assessment, sometimes referred to as a Feasibility Study, lays the groundwork for the campaign. The Readiness Assessment provides essential information regarding your readiness to conduct a campaign. It is an opportunity for all prospective donors to become knowledgeable about the proposed project and participate in developing the plan. This process is designed to involve business and community leaders and create ownership in the proposed plans necessary for a successful campaign.

Purpose of the Readiness Assessment:

  • Informs all prospective donors about the proposed plans
  • Solicits input regarding the Case Statement
  • Builds enthusiasm and consensus for the project
  • Identifies and cultivates leadership for the campaign


Benefits of the Readiness Assessment:

  • Involves all community members
  • Informs constituency about the project and programs
  • Stimulates community interest and involvement
  • Identifies new leaders
  • Develops sense of ownership for community members
  • Assists in measuring timing and potential
  • Enhances your fundraising potential

Our Approach:

The WD&R Readiness Assessment employs two simultaneous means of communication: Focus Group Meetings and Personal Interviews. These two methods will assure that all prospective donors are given the opportunity to provide opinions and suggestions regarding the identified needs and proposed plans that have led to the need for a Capital Campaign.

Focus Group Meetings – organization’s leaders present to prospective donors the current needs of the organization and the proposed solutions to those needs. Meetings are conducted in a comfortable and controlled setting to small groups of community leaders. Based on the WD&R approach, peers sharing ideas with peers maximizes the full potential of the Focus Group process.

Personal Interviews – organization’s leaders engage prospective donors in thoughtful consideration of the proposed project. The people selected for interviews should be influential and affluent community and business leaders who may or may not be involved in Focus Group Meetings. The WD&R Director along with other organizational leaders will conduct interviews in person.

  • Coaches Focus Group Presenters
  • Attends Focus Group Meetings
  • Accompanies Leaders in Personal Interviews
  • Reviews Questionnaire Responses
  • Takes Notes During the Question and Answer Session
  • Submits Final Study Report

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