Elite YMCA begins Readiness Assessment for $7 million Capital Campaign


For Immediate Release
October 31,2019

Belmont, NC – Ward, Dreshman & Reinhardt, Inc. (WD&R) is pleased to announce it has been selected to direct a Readiness Assessment / Feasibility Study for The Robert Lee Stowe Jr. Family YMCA. The 6-week effort is designed to test the proposed case and to explore the opportunity of conducting a $7 million Capital Campaign. The goal is to expand and renovate the existing YMCA to better serve and engage the community for the next 20 years. WD&R, the oldest fundraising consulting firm in the country which specializes in working with YMCA’s, has been chosen to provide the skill and experience to direct the effort. The current facility was constructed in 1999/2000. The R. L. Stowe Jr. Family YMCA has exceeded capacity. Normal market penetration for a “Y” is 8% market share. The R.L. Stowe Jr. Family YMCA has a 12% market share and is considered among the elite YMCA’s in the nation.

A series of 14 Focus Group Meetings will take place at strategic locations throughout the county with a goal of including hundreds of participants. There will be over 150 personnel interviews with past donors, local business and community leaders, families, local businesses and foundations. Advertising, electronic mass media will inform and invite all members of the community to participate in the Focus Groups and all activities. Charlie DeMaio, full-time and on-site Campaign Director from WD&R will work with Mary Lima, Executive Director of the Stowe YMCA, and Sharon Padgett, Executive Director of the Gaston County YMCA & staff. The goal is to establish through the successful Feasibility Study the groundwork for the transformative $7 million Capital Campaign that will inspire and serve the community for years to come.

Jim Klote, President & CEO of WD&R stated, “We are delighted to partner with the Stowe Family YMCA in this important campaign effort.”

Ward, Dreshman & Reinhardt, Inc. specializes in providing full-time, on-site capital campaign consulting for non-profit organizations. As the country’s oldest fundraising firm, WD&R revolutionized the way fundraising was done by introducing a short-term, resident-consultant approach that has proved to be very successful throughout its 100-year history. With its focus on fundraising for non-profit organizations, WD&R has been able to provide a much-needed service that has been beneficial to many local communities.

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