Ward, Dreshman & Reinhardt provides full-time, on-site campaign direction to our clients. We assign a WD&R Director to work side by side with your organization for the length of the contract. The Director will assist you in laying out the initial plans and monitors the program progress, which is under the day to day, on-site direction of the WD&R Director. Due to the unique full-time, on-site nature of our Directors, our clients benefit from the personal attention and expertise of our skilled staff.

4 Main Ingredients to a Successful Campaign

  • Case for support – a clear and concise reason for raising the money needed. This includes site plan, description of programs and services, building plans, cost breakout, etc.
  • Leadership – good, strong capable leaders such as advisory board, board of directors, committee prospective donors, or building committee
  • Constituency – all current organization prospective donors, business and community leaders, and past prospective donors who have moved away and want to be included in the future of the organization
  • Plan of campaign – this is what we bring to the client. While we work to develop the other 3 items, we solely provide the method in which to raise funds. This includes preparation of campaign materials, organizing the volunteers, training the volunteers, creating the campaign schedule, organizing the kick-off, and managing the records and reports

Elements of the WD&R Plan of Campaign:

  • Full-time professional leadership is provided
  • Necessity for the campaign is clearly stated
  • Plans and costs of the program are clear
  • Leadership is recruited
  • Continuous coaching of volunteers in making personal visits
  • Each prospective donor is visited “in-person” and with respect
  • Campaign is of shorter duration

What makes us different?

The WD&R Campaign Plan calls for all prospective donors to be included whether they have the ability to give a modest gift or one up to $5 million. Our Director assists in coaching the volunteers in making “in-person” visits and helps ensure that the needs of your organization are presented in the same manner to all prospective donors. Every member is contacted personally by your organization’s volunteers and asked to support the needs of the campaign. The most successful capital campaigns occur when prospective donors are visited “in-person”.

When conducted properly, your campaign will be much more than a fundraising effort. Some of the resulting benefits include:

  • New leaders emerge, generating additional volunteers
  • New constituents are identified
  • Increased appreciation and support for your organization
  • Influential people and corporations are made aware of your presence in the community

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